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Thanks for your interest in contributing to Liyanah.co!

This is truly a community effort, and we’re glad to have you be a part of it :). We’re simply looking for ladies who want to share their fashion, beauty and lifestyle experience and so much more with others to inspire and educate them. The goal of this blog is to make womens beautifulconfident and bold. Our target audience is women from 16 to 65 who want to live their passion.


The types of articles we’re looking for include topics such as advicehow-to’spersonal stories, and lessons learned. Some ideas to write about include, but are not limited to: What have you experienced on your fashion and beauty journey?  What are you struggling with? What are your favorite ways to stay beautiful and confident? What are your tips for other women who want to start doing what they love to do?

Articles should relate to everything about fashion especially, dresses, shoes and accessorises in a positive and inspirational tone and message.

If you include any photos, please give credit and provide a link to the source. You are welcome to submit personal pictures to be included with the post.

The length of your post is up to you but long enough to fully express an idea, and short enough to keep the reader engaged!


You can submit as many as you’d like! Articles and images can be sent directly by email. If your submission is accepted, we can do some light editing before posting to the blog. If any larger revisions are needed, we’ll send it back to you with some notes.

Please understand that your contributions are voluntary and we don’t provide any monetary compensation. However, you will get exposure eand have your writing skills shown on our website and this make a difference!



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